Straight Arrow Products Partners with Preferred EAP

We are pleased to announce that Preferred EAP has partnered with Straight Arrow Products  to provide counseling, coaching and consultation services to employees and managers.

"I’ve been searching for an EAP to recommend to management for several years.  Naturally, my travels took me online, to professional meetings where EAP providers presented materials and to interviews with other employers.  With that effort completed, I weighed the various programs.  Very much influenced by peers, the final decision to call Preferred EAP was rather easy!  Our vote was immediate and unanimous when we met with the Preferred EAP professionals."

 Michael H. Scheerer

Senior Human Resource Consultant
Straight Arrow Products, Inc.

Straight Arrow Products, Inc., for forty-five years has been providing exclusive hair and skin care products renowned for quality and performance in both the Equestrian and Human markets. We’ve honed our roots by initially producing under the brand names Mane ‘n Tail®, Hoofmaker®, and Mineral Ice®. Naturally expanding to accommodate humans as the equestrian audience discovered a valuable ‘secret’: that the products they were using on their horses, created remarkable results when used on them, as well. Straight Arrow continues to manufacture all of its own products right here in the USA, adhering to strict quality assurances, guidelines and consistently meeting that same performance standard.          

Our credo is to “Satisfy the Customer” which has been our company’s tradition from day one. Straight Arrow presently sells its products in over 150,000 locations throughout North America and internationally. 

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