About Us

At Preferred EAP, we deliver better care, obtain better outcomes, and provide a better experience for both employers and employees.

As counselors, coaches, and consultants, we help employees learn more effective ways to solve problems, increase life satisfaction and develop resilience.

We also assist organizations with employee engagement, morale, team building, and communication and improve the overall well-being of your  workplace.

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What We Do

At Preferred EAP we restore personal and workplace well-being. When things go wrong for individuals, groups or entire organizations, we counsel, coach and consult to restore well-being -- one person, one group, one organization at a time.

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Our Team

Our team of seasoned clinicians and knowledgeable support staff delivers a qualitatively superior experience.

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Clients and customers alike extoll Preferred EAP. Actual word-of-mouth reports from satisfied clients show what people say about Preferred EAP and our staff.

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