T.H.R.I.V.E. through the holidays!

T – Manage your TIME well.

Be realistic about your time. Try not to overschedule yourself or commit to more holiday events than you can handle.

H- Ask for HELP.

Remember, you do not have to do it all! People really enjoy helping this time of year so don’t be afraid to ask.

R – Take time to REST.

Your body needs recovery time to deal with stress effectively. You’ll be expending more energy than normal during the holidays so remember to refuel often to maintain balance in your life.

IIGNORE the ideal of a picture perfect holiday.

We are bombarded with messages about how to have the perfect holiday! Let it go! It will never be perfect so enjoy each moment as it comes, even the less than perfect ones!

V – Focus on what you VALUE most.

Take time to reflect on your values, write them down and post them on your refridgerator or at work to help you stay focused. This will help you get back on track when stress causes you to lose your way.

E- ENJOY the moment.

Practice mindfulness, the art of staying in the present, to more fully enjoy this time of year. When you find your thoughts drifting to future worries or past hurts, bring your mind back to the present moment and practice gratitude rather than regret and resentment.